Goodie Bags

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We provide uniquely crafted goodie bags for your guests in relation to your party theme! We provide you with a selection of goodies to choose from. 


-Star Sunglasses


-Guitar Shaped Bubbles




-Hand Clapper

-Bouncy Ball

-Inflatable Microphone


-Gold Fish    -Pretzels    -Animal Crackers

-Spiral Lolipop    -3 Muskateers    -Milky Ways

-Smarties    -Hershey Kisses    -Pixie Stix

-M&M's    -Butterfingers    -Jolly Ranchers

-Skittles    -Reese's Peanut Butter Cups  

-Tootsie Rolls (Chocolate and fruit flavors)

-Starburst    -Kit-Kat's     -Snickers

-Almond Joys    -Ring Pops

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