Daily Schedule:

     9:00- Drop-off, Breakfast, Circle Time

        *Breakfast may be provided by the parent but is not required. We are not permitted to feed the children.

     9:30- Group Project

     *Science project, scavenger hunt, craft, etc..

     10:00- Individual 30 min. music lessons and crafts

        *Part of the group takes their lessons while the other part does an art project with another counselor

     11:30- Active Group Game

        *Capture the flag, sharks and minos, water balloon games, etc..

     12:00- Group music class/ work on recital

         *Throughout the week, the children will prepare a recital to perform for their parents!

     1:00- Lunch

     *Lunch and a snack must be brought from home every day. If the child comes to camp without a lunch we ask that

          you please have one dropped off for him/her.

     1:30- Chill time/ Story time/ Movie time

        *Children have the choice of taking a nap, reading a book, practicing their instrument,

          and on certain days, watching a movie.

     2:15- Change in to bathing suits

     2:30- Water Play/ Playground

     *Swings, jungle gym, sprinkler, slip and slide, water balloons, super soakers, etc..

     4:30- Change out of bathing suits to prepare for pick-up

      *Kids will be offered to have their snack at this time and anytime during water play/playground time.

     5:00- Pick-Up


 * Every Friday at 5pm we invite parents to come for our pizza party and recital for the kids to showcase what they have learned during the week. 

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