Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have my own guitar to take lessons?

You do not need to have your own instrument to start, however, the learning process will be quicker with an instrument to practice on. When you are ready to purchase one we can reccomend some guitars, and we also offer a service to buy a used or new guitar for you (this includes negotiating with the seller to settle on a comfortable price for you, picking up the guitar, testing it out to make sure it is sound, and delivering it to you). The fee for this service is $60.

Do I need to have my own cello to take lessons?

Yes you do need to have a cello to take lessons, however, you can rent the instrument instead of buying. We reccomend renting from "Music and Arts" stores. If the lessons are for a child who is going to be playing the instrument in school, check with the school to see if they rent their instruments from a company themselves. You may get a better deal that way.

How much do lessons cost?

Lessons vary by location, please call for rates! 732-770-6464

What if I have multiple children? Are there any discounts?

Yes we offer siblings discounts which can also be used on friends, other family members, and all of the above! As long as the lessons are back to back in the same household. Please call (732) 770-6464 for more information on rates.

How does scheduling work?

We try our best to accomodate your scheduling needs by matching an available teacher to the dates and times that work best for you!

What if I need to miss or reschedule a lesson?

No problem! We will try to fit you in on a different day or time that week. If the teacher is not available any other time, we can send another teacher or skip that lesson for the week. Teachers consistantly keep notes on each student in case another teacher were to fill in for them for any reason.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you must cancel a private lesson, please do so within 24 hours of scheduled lesson. If a lesson is cancelled after the 24 hour mark, the student will be subject to half of a lessons fee. If you have already purchased a package, half of one lessons fee will be returned to you, and the lesson will be absorbed. If you have signed up for a music class and you need to cancel, your payment for the missed class will transfer over to the next class that you do take.

Do I need my own piano/ keyboard to take lessons?

It is reccomended that the student have their own instrument as soon as possible. We can provide a keyboard for up to 3 lessons for the student to try before buying one. After that the student should have their own instrument. New keyboards for beginners can be as low as $70! Your teacher will be able to provide reccomendations of which instrument to buy.