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Drum Making


Using recycled materials the kids learn how to make their own drums!

T-Shirt Sharpie Tie-Dying


Each child gets a white T-Shirt and sharpie markers to color. With a little bit of magic, we transform their drawings in to a very cool tie-dyed shirt!

Cereal Box Guitars


Using recycled materials the kids learn how to make their own guitars that actually makes sounds! 

Water Balloon Painting


Kids throw water balloons filled with paint at a canvas to make a beautiful piece of art! This is an outdoor project so it is weather and season dependent.

Candy Jewelry Making


Kids get string and candy good for stringing to make their own tasty jewelry!

Noise Makers


Using paper plates, ribbons, and beads, we make our own homemade shaking instruments.

Slime Making


As a team, we mix together the ingredients for our ooey gooey slime recipe. Then each child get their own bowl of slime to design. They can choose from different colors to add, glitter, Styrofoam beads, and more! Mix them all together and then they can take it home in their own slime jar.