About Us

Ms. Lindsay's Lil' Rockers was founded by former preschool teacher, Lindsay Ketofsky, after discovering how much her students loved listening to her play her guitar. After some research, she realized that there are close to no programs out there that teach guitar lessons to children under 6 years old. Growing up in a family of rock and roll musicians, and being a professional singer-songwriter herself, she felt that educating children about music is of great importance, and decided to start her own program with the hopes of carrying on the love for rock and roll to the next generation. After expansion, the program now offers not only guitar, but many instruments taught by the most patient, kind, and fun teachers in NJ, NYC, Bucks County & Lehigh Valley, PA. We also offer private lessons and classes to children of all ages, 0-100 years old! 


Early Learning

Learning an instrument at a young age can improve all kinds of skills like reading and writing, attention span, teaches to stay on top of homework, and practicing at an early age. 

"I love watching my students grow. I have had the pleasure of seeing many of my students start out barely able to name their letters, or very shy for example. Then through the excitement of learning to play the guitar, they blossom! That is what I love most about my job."

~Ms. Lindsay


Ms Lindsay is great with kids and Ryan loved to be around her listening to her guitar and songs !! She is a wonderful person at heart too .

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